The Worm Ouroboros, The Rats in the Walls, Kilroyisgod


They’re your friendly neighborhood graffiti crew and cult. They are the children of the Goat with a Thousand Young. They know the gatekeeper, Old Yog. They know that SAMO is an alternative to death. They’ve seen Ghostbusters, and they found it inaccurate.

They eat trains and live forever.

– from the flyers

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The Lovecraft-inspired Twitter piece “The Rats in the Walls” has made it to the second round of judging for the Twitter Fiction Festival. Keep your eyes peeled in the subways along the L, N, Q, R, A, C, and E lines, and watch Union Square, Washington Square Park, Times Square, and the downtown area for Kilroy and his infamous sign, as well as scrawlings, notes, and graffiti from the Rats.

 The Worm Ouroboros

The Rats in the Walls


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The Worm Ouroboros, The Rats in the Walls, Kilroyisgod

Kilroy Sightings

This May, “The Rats in the Walls,” a Lovecraft-inspired piece of Twitter fiction, will debut as part of the Twitter Fiction Festival. Once it begins, it will not stop.

Watch the Rats come out of the woodwork.

This April, report any sightings of the man pictured below to the handle @kilroyisgod, with the hashtag #ratsinthewalls.


kilroy advertisement 1

kilroy rats in the walls








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Kilroy Sightings

“The Rats in the Walls”: Lovecraftian Twitter Fiction

“An occult graffiti crew called the Rat Pack has stolen four NY subway trains. Their spokesman, the bizarre, lyrical, and masked ‘Kilroy,’ is now taunting the police and the MTA, spouting cryptic manifestos and posting strange photos. Readers are ‘recruited’ by the MTA and NYPD to unravel Kilroy’s messages and learn the origins of the immortal Rats, which stretch back to the 60s. The story operates over a full day in real time, imitating a news story in progress.”

– from the pitch

This is “The Rats in the Walls,” a new Twitter fiction story from the Occult Triangle Lab. The name comes from the H.P. Lovecraft story of the same name, a tale about rats, an underground city, and dark histories. The new story also references “The Horror at Red Hook,” another Lovecraft story based on New York’s Atlantic Avenue tunnels, as well as the infamous New York Toynbee tiles and the Son of Sam murders.

Wrapped up in graffiti, the occult, and the bizarre secrets of New York’s underground culture, “The Rats in the Walls” sits on the edge of reality and fiction.


To find out the release date of the story and how to take part, follow me @DeadmanMu, watch the blog, and keep an eye on the 2015 Twitter Fiction Festival this May.

rats in the walls twitter fiction festival

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“The Rats in the Walls”: Lovecraftian Twitter Fiction